Head injuries aren’t just a concern in American football—they’re a potential hazard in the international sport of cricket as well.

In a sport in which batters consistently face balls traveling upwards of 90-to-100 miles per hour, helmets are heavily relied upon to protect them from physical harm, and allow them to swing away with confidence. In accordance, adidas has stepped up to the plate to help reduce the likelihood of head injuries with the recent launch of the adiPower cricket helmet collection.

The adiPower helmet lineup includes four new state-of-the-art models, including the flagship RawTek helmet made with 100% carbon fiber and Kevlar for unmatched durability, along with an A.C.I.S liner for comfort.

The helmet collection is scheduled for a September 19 release date at the Lords Trade Show in London. It is unlikely the new protective headwear will hit the U.S. market any time soon.


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