Since April I have had the pleasure of creating modern versions of classic Nike basketball shoes in elite form, I have created new ways of executing the awesome Air Jordan XX8 upper, I have taken classic Nike shoes from various categories and reinterpreted them as SB’s and I also created what I think the next Yeezy should be. Today I give you what might be one of the most challenging projects I have ever taken on, modernizing 11 classic Air Jordans.

The Air Jordan line is by far the most influential and important product line to ever be created in the sports industry. It reshaped the way products are created, marketed and accepted culturally. On a personal note, the Air Jordan line has inspired me to have the career I have. Without it I would have never known what Industrial Design is. As I have grown in my career as a designer I have always kept the motto of the brand—“Quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever”—with me, as I believe that quote can be applied to everything, not just shoes. Every desk I have had since I was seven years old has a laser-cut Jumpman displayed on it that my father gave to me. I use that Jumpman as a reminder to keep pushing and never settle. To always strive for greatness.

See, to me, you get what you put into things. If you want something to be great, you can make it great but it won’t be easy. That’s why this project was so important to me. It was more than just designing another shoe. I tasked myself with the challenge of reinterpreting 11 of the most important Air Jordans ever in a modern way. I refused to create shoes that didn’t embody what their original embraced, quality.

So check out how the classic Air Jordan line inspired me to push what had been created even further.

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