The processes we go through to look good. We comb our hair. We iron our shirt. We shine our shoes. We think we go through a lot in order to look stylish, but what about the pieces that actually make us look cool? What kind of process do they go through in order to be desired fabrics of the fashion-conscious?

There may be no fabric more sought after these days than suede. The napped leather is a high commodity. Typically made from the hide of lamb, you may also find some suede made from goat, deer, pig, and elk as common alternatives. In the end, it all complements one’s style if worn correctly. Found on everything from jackets to your favorite PUMAs, suede’s place in fashion is solidified by its optimal softness and sleek appearance. It is instantly noticeable, but not gaudy like some other silkier fabrics. Brands and shops are finding themselves gearing up for the Fall/Winter 2013 season with suede at the top of the order list. Suede bomber jackets could possibly be one of the hottest trends hitting the scene for the cooler months, coming in a variety of colors to fill your closet with.

While perfect for the winter months due to its thick contents, it can easily be worn throughout the year—especially if your feet are graced with a fresh pair of PUMA Suedes. Suede is always applicable in the spring or summer canvassing a good pair of loafers, at the least, but light suede jackets with minimal interiors can keep you warm on a cool night. Be careful of those spring showers, though! Even though you may not want to get caught out in the rain with your favorite suede on, the character suede builds as it’s worn is truly what makes your style shine through. You think breaking your raw denim in and getting some light creases is cool? Wait until your favorite suede shoes get the napping and distress marks over time. Mind-blowing.

But the way that suede is sourced and created is really the fascinating part about it. Our friends over at Tanner Goods, one of the best leather goods brands to grace the menswear community, broke down the whole process for us from start to finish, giving us an in-depth look of how we get to that perfect piece of leather.