We know what you’re thinking: yes, the Snow Lizard SLXtreme is a lot bulkier than your current case iPhone case. But if you’re into living an extreme, outdoor lifestyle, that’s exactly what you want in a phone case.

You probably shouldn’t have a phone in the great outdoors anyway—after all, that sort of defeats the purpose. But if you absolutely must take your iPhone with you on your next adventure into the backcountry, the SLXtreme is the perfect way to ensure your phone makes it back out in one piece.

Made from a rugged polycarbonate material, the SLXtreme can go places your standard plastic case can’t. Its water-tight housing allows the SLX to be submerged up to six feet under water and still remain fully functional. It’s perfect for water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, and even great for users who want to hone in on their underwater photography skills. Not only does the SLXtreme protect your precious iPhone from potential damage, it features an integrated battery and solar charger that doubles the life of your iPhone.

The case is currently only available for the iPhone 4. Though a iPhone 5 version is on its way.


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