It seems like every week people are thirsting over another pair of sneakers. With the sneaker community growing at unmeasurable speeds, picking up hot releases has become increasingly stressful. Even more so for the ladies, who are even more limited due to size restrictions.

As a kid, I was always laced in Nikes and Jordans and not much has changed since then—not even my shoe size. As a 20-something, finding kicks in a 4.5Y limits me to Jordans, some trainers and a lot of pink. Almost a decade ago, I discovered the internet and a whole community of ladies who shared my love for athletic footwear and my struggle to find certain releases. Female sneakerheads have been petitioning for years for smaller size drops, and the latest movement is Purple Unicorn Planet, a fantasy wish list for "men's only" Nike sneakers. We decided to ask some more women as well: here 20 Female Sneakerheads Speak on the Sneakers They Wish Were Made For Women.

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