Summer may be winding down, but if you’re a runner, hydration is not to be over-looked just because the mercury is starting to drop.

There are plenty of hydration options—from vests to handhelds—currently on the market. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference, and potentially the distance you’re planning to run.

We’ve previewed some of the aforementioned options available in past GOTD posts (like the Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt, and the UltrAspire Alpha Hydration Pack). Today, we take a look at the Sense Hydro S-Lab Set handheld system from Salomon.

More than just a water bottle, the Sense Hydro S-Lab system features a unique soft shell construction that collapses flat as you hydrate. Once its empty, the bottle can easily be rolled up and stowed in a pocket. It features a soft mesh glove for a secure grasp, and has a maximum liquid capacity of 500ml.

Given its flexible construction, the Sense Hydro S-Lab does take some getting used to, particularly when it’s half-empty. But its convenience and functionality more than make up for that.


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