Category: Track & Field
Best For: 50m - 400m
Star Feature: SD607 Spike Plate
Weight: 5.25 oz

Throughout my track years in high school and college, the 400m was my specialty. It's an all-out, one lap sprint that is more technical and strategic than most people think. Yes, it's a sprint, but there's specific ways to break it down. You want to attack the first 50 meters all out, then shut down and relax your upper body while your legs still move at full speed for the next 150 meters. As you start to round your last 200, you want to start to bring your arms back into everything, and on your last 150 its an all-or-nothing spring everything-you've-got, balls-to-the-wall sprint through the line.

To run this race and run it well, you want everything about it to be perfect. Everything factors in, the warm up, weather and what you're wearing. You want your speed suit nice and tight and your spikes tighter. The spikes are your most valuable piece of equipment. They need to be light, fit to your foot, tight all around, and have a strong solid plate that's going to keep your heels up and you on your toes.

This New Balance MSD400 spike met all sprint spike requirements and more. The spike felt great on foot. It fits like a glove and is ridiculously light. The synthetic upper is practically made out of thin air, doing away with tons of unneeded fabric, especially around the heel and tongue. If you’re looking at the side of the spike, you can actually see through the heel, from one side and out the other. The tongue is so light because of how thin the piece of mesh it’s made with is, as well as the fact that little triangles are located on every panel. New Balance went all-out here, leaving no unnecessary material behind.

The new SD607 spike plate makes this a high-performance spike, and perfect for stay up on your toes, allowing you to exert maximum power with each step.  There’s no give in the plate at all so while your sprinting you’ll have no problem sprinting up on your toes. You’re pretty much forced to be on them, which was a huge plus. Speed and power all comes from the balls of your feet and having a strong spike that keeps your foot in sprint position is a must for any sprinter. Another piece of the spike plate I love is the two front spikes. They almost look like fangs. These really helped me with my push off, allowing me to have maximum grip and turn over speed.

The florescent yellow is also a huge factor for these sprint spikes. They stand out like nothing else. Take note to the on foot image above, you really can't see them with the sun. It's awesome. The color is almost distracting, even a little to yourself while you are running. If you're a distraction to yourself, imagine what you are doing to the other guy— now that's strategy.

Bottom Line: If your a sprinter looking to elevate your game and shed seconds off your times, then look no further than the New Balance MSD400. The lightweight sprint spikes designed to conquer the 400m is the definition of high-performance - get after it.


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