Category: Running
Best For: 20 minute runs to get your stamina up.
Star Feature: N2 Foam Cushioning
Weight: 10.15 oz

Long runs are crucial to any athlete, including sprinters. Without strong lungs and some built up stamina, anything you’re going to get after is going to be a lot more difficult. No matter how much you hate it, or how much it sucks, you just have to do it. But! - You don’t have to be uncomfortable doing it. New Balance’s neutral runner, the 1080 v3 makes getting on the road or path that much easier.

When it comes to runners, New Balance never stood out to me. They style was always bland in my opinion and they had a reputation of being an old man shoe. Because of this I never really gave the brand a chance in this category. But that’s changed, and so has my opinion. I love these 1080 v3 runners. They’re beyond comfortable and really light weight.

This is a neutral cushioning shoe so it’s more made for a smooth comfortable run, rather than a shoe with a lot of support meant to run a lot of miles at a time. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be good for those long mile days, it just comes down to preference at that point. If you’re comfortable running miles without the stronger support of a distance runner and feel like neutral runner suits you well, then you’re set. Packed with tons of technologies, the v3 is 3 oz. lighter than its predecessor the v2, and now features a 8mm heal to toe drop, which is becoming standard with neutral runners these days. The v3 is constructed with New Balance’s T beam technology through the midsole which helps keep the shoe stable and provides awesome arch support. This neutral runner has a really nice high arch that fits comfortably to your foot. The 1080 v3 is also lined with New Balance’s N2 foam cushioning which keeps the shoe light, low to the ground, and provides great gentle support. Speaking on support and comfort, New Balance fitted a rubberized material known as ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot and heal for shock absorption, which is going to save your shins and calves. And Finally, these shoes are going to fit and form to your foot no problem thanks to their FantomFit upper, which is basically two thin, light materials fused together without being sewn.

These shoes went through tree different tests, a road test, track test, and a treadmill test. All tests went well, especially the track test. Throughout my road run, the shoe took well to uneven surfaces and provided a stable and comfortable ride. The individual nubs on the outsole each take in and absorb their own energy which helped with the shock displacement throughout my foot. On the treadmill, where shin splints have a tendency of kicking in, the shoe performed well. I felt very light on my feet and the runner helped eliminate some of the hard and constant surface the treadmill provides.

On the track is where the shoe really shined in my opinion. Running in a very light, “cushiony” shoe, on a soft and springy track, allows you to really get the most out of it. It already provides so much give to your foot that the track below you is just an added bonus. During my 8x200m workout, my feet never felt sore, my shins never began to hurt, and my foot was constantly comfortable. The shoe allows for a very smooth heel to toe transition while running and its lightweight nature makes it easy to keep going

Bottom Line: Whether you’re new to the neutral running movement, or a seasoned vet, the New Balance 1080 v3 is an excellent choice for those looking to step up their running game.


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