When it comes to batting, Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees is one of the most prolific players of all time. The 10-time MLB All-Star began his career in 2001 with the Seattle Mariners, and played in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball league from 1992 to 2000. But he's not only a feared batter; Ichiro's also been a Golden Glove Award winner on 10 occasions, and was the AL's stolen base leader during his first season in the league.

Flashing back to August 26, 2004, the Seattle Mariners hosted the Kansas City Royals in a losing effort. Despite the loss, Ichiro was able to pick up a hit on the night, which was his 200th of the season. This made him the first player in Major League Baseball history to have 200 hits in his first four professional seasons. Currently, Ichiro's MLB career total stands at 2,723, which puts him at 58th on the all time rankings. However, if you factor in his 1,278 hits in the NPB league, Ichiro's total becomes 4,001, which puts him in an elite class just behind Ty Cobb and Pete Rose.

Throughout his career, the prolific hitter has been known for his signature Asics line. As one of the only MLB players to wear Asics cleats, Ichiro's managed to stand out in more ways than one throughout his career. Unfortunately for fans, his exclusive cleats have not been made available to the public.

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