New Balance is known for making some of the cleanest sneakers that go under-the-radar with their bevy of technological features and comfort. It's not that they're not present, it's that the features are done in a low-key fashion. For example: The mt580 now has a Lightning Dry liner, which means the sneaker will now wick away moisture from your feet—which is great if you're a serious runner, really sweaty, or one of the bros who prefers to go barefoot when they attempt to get street-styled.

As of now, the technology has been seen on the most simple, yet dope, pair of 580s—one that comes in a grey suede with navy branding. It's such a plain sneaker that you wouldn't expect to contain these technological upgrades, but that's the beauty of New Balance: The brand continues to kill it in the most minute ways.

Hopefully, this will influence the brand to add this feature to future releases. 574s, anyone?

[via Those NBs]