Say it isn't so. One of the greatest guards in the league is throwing in the towel. The 11-time All-Star Allen Iverson is prepared to officially announce his retirement these coming days. Well, there goes all the wishing that he will return to the league. Iverson was considered one of the best pound-for-pound scorers the NBA has ever seen. Listed at 170 pounds for most of his career, Iverson was like a little big-man when he played; no fear as he averaged 26.7 points and 6.2 assists during that 14-year career playing for Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies and short stay in Detroit. "He might be the greatest athlete I've ever seen," Larry Brown, Iverson's coach from 1997-2003 with the 76ers, told Slam. "I don't think there'll be another one like him."

When Iverson came to the league, he took the world by force. During his time in the league he wore a plethora of his own signature shoes. But there was one shoe that started it all, The Reebok Answer 1. The Reebok Answer 1 was the first sneaker that Allen Iverson wore when he came to the league. During this season, “The Answer” had a stellar rookie year as he was name league MVP and Rookie of the Year. The Reebok Answer 1 Was the first basketball sneaker to feature the DMX 10 moving air technology which was first introduced for the runner, the Reebok DMX 10.

It is so sad to see him go officially even though he hasn't done it on camera as of yet. The bright side is he doesn't ever have to worry about practice again. If you want to relive that incredible year, stores like Foot Locker still have the Reebok Answer 1 for $150. Stay tuned to Sneaker Report when AI announces his departure from the league officially.


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