As much as we talk shit and clown on everyone for their sneakerhead idiosyncrasies, we still understand how lucky we are to be in the positions we're in. There are many perks to the job of being just a "sneaker blogger" that often go unnoticed but one that is we are asked about on a regular basis, "How do you get free sneakers?" It's simple really, we beg and plead for every release and subtweet at brands when they don't send us that new new every time it drops! 

Just kidding. In reality, getting free sneakers from brands isn't as impossible as it may seem. Every brand needs to get their product out there and on the feet of people like us—or like you—in order to spread the word when new product launches. In short, find out the people that seed the product and help them with their needs. In order to give you a better idea on some of the important things that can land you free sneakers, we've created this guide on How to Get Free Sneakers. No guarantees, of course. Let us know what you think in the comments section and tell us what kicks you've been hooked up with.


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