: Soccer
Best for: Attack-minded players with quick feet and finishing touch
Star feature: SPRINTFRAME technology
Weight: 6.1 oz.

Tagline: Going full speed with the adidas F50 adizero

The adidas F50’s lineage dates back to 2004. Before its introduction, something was missing from adidas’ arsenal of soccer boots. There wasn’t a boot that catered to the explosive, good-luck-catching-me-on-breakaway player. Yes, adidas already had the classic Copa Mundial. Adidas also had a who’s who of the world’s best—Zidane, Beckham, Ballack,etc.—rewriting the history books in the Predator. Still, however, they were hard at work trying to develop a new boot that would appeal to the footballer who dominated with break-neck speed and head-spinning skill. Enter the first generation F50.

Since its release 10 years ago, the adidas F50 has been deconstructed, reconfigured, and refined. Which brings us to the 2013 F50 adizero TRX. The boot comes in two options: leather or synthetic. Depending on personal preference, you might be inclined to go one way or the other. Sneaker Report, however, chose natural leather and tested them out.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and judging by the infrared colorway, this particular boot won’t soon be forgotten. They look good, which, let’s be honest, is a huge determining factor when investing in a pair of boots. But aesthetics aside, does the adidas F50 adizero feel good? After trying them on for the first time, yes. And that’s to be expected with a boot of this caliber.

Leather boots aren’t exactly known for being super light—synthetic materials are normally used for that. However, adidas was able to build a lightweight boot with a leather upper. So for those who seek the feel of a traditional boot with the technology-packed accoutrements of a modern boot, the F50 is a first-string option.

First touches on the ball were true. The TRAXION 2.0 stud configuration provided ample grip (on both natural and synthetic playing surfaces) and allowed for precision footwork and change of direction. The SPRINTFRAME technology cups the heel, effectively eliminating friction in the heel area, and, in turn, minimizing painful blisters. Furthermore, SPRINTFRAME provides extra stability and support the ankle area, reducing the risk of ankle roll and other injuries of the sort.

At just 6.1 oz. the F50 adizero is as light as it gets—you don’t feel like you’ve got on leather boots. From the first whistle to the waning moments of the of extra time, you feel light on your feet and ready to attack with pace and finish with power. In those crucial moments where every millisecond matters, the F50 is built to propel you past the the last defender and onto the stat sheet.

Bottom line: The adidas F50 adizero is a great boot, especially for players who push forward with speed and crowd-pleasing trickery. If you are looking to establish yourself as a real threat in the the attacking third of the pitch, the F50 gives you that extra bit of quickness to get by your marker and create scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates. Either way, you’re well equipped to put numbers on the board with the adidas F50.

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