Images by Nick Engvall

Taylor Gang are the only two words more synoymous with Wiz Khalifa than his hit single from 2010, Black and Yellow. The Pittsburgh rapper has been one of the biggest aficianados for Converse Chuck Taylors since he stormed onto the music scene with one of the catchiest songs in recent memory. Khalifa's passion for Chucks made him a perfect fit for a collaboration with Converse and the highly anticipated collection is ready to land at Foot Locker stores in less than two weeks. The Wiz Khalifa Collection by Converse features artwork from Wiz throughout the design of each Chuck Taylor All Star release. From the eyelets featuring his graffiti-esque signature, which also serves as the logo for the entire collection, to the inner lining graphics, Khalifa's designs are prominent. The trademarked logo, artwork and accompanying hangtag show just how involved in the process Wiz Khalifa was. Now the only real question is, did we stump Wiz with our 50 Things You Didn't Know About Converse Chuck Taylors?

The Wiz Khalifa Collection by Converse launches at Foot Locker on August 23rd.