Success isn't an overnight job. In most instances it takes a lot of time and hard work. The Nike Air Pegasus, over three decades, have evolved in to that trusted shoe and met the need of runners year by year. Nike celebrates those 30 years with the new Nike Air Pegasus+ 30, which builds on that heritage with modern technology in the lightest shoe to date.

For those 30 years, the shoe became a staple for runners through its Nike Zoom cushioning, cradle-fit and light weight. Although the Pegasus has evolved during those years, the shoe always kept to its roots and deliver reliable qualities in true Nike fashion. With the Pegasus+ 30, Nike takes the technology of new to continue to give the shoe that familiarity as it improves on what makes the shoe a fan favorite and continually focusing on what makes the shoe great. The shoes fit, cushioning and multi-surface traction all get a boost to continue to be a comfortable, light as possible shoe that still gives you all the support that you need.

Millions of miles has been covered by the Pegasus in these last 30 years and will continue to tack on those miles for the next generations’ journey in the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30. You can head over to Nike to grab yourself a pair or at any Nike Sportswear accounts to keep the tradition and heritage a live.


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