Your summer was epic. Not only did you hold down a job, you made more money than you ever have before. Considering how much you love sneakers, more money meant more kicks. So many, that you have no idea what to rock on the first day of school. No need to worry. We took a dip in the sneaker closet and pulled out a few kicks we think would help you make it through the day.  And we are not on that just "rock the new stuff," either.  We know that some of you have been doing this for a while now and the LeBron X and the Kobe 8 aren't your only options when it comes to sneakers. Your closet is deep and your deadstock collection is just begging to be worn. Enough with all the talking, check out The Best Sneakers To Wear On The First Day Of School, and let us know what you actually wore below.

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