This year it seems like everyone is going to Nike and adidas for some cool, new football digs as the new season rolls around. Alabama, however, has elevated themselves to the top not by looking into the future but by using the foundations of their past legends to create a stepping stone for these new-age youngsters.

The great Mal Moore was a great Tide player, assistant coach and athletic director who has one at least one national championship in all of his respective titles. Unfortunately, Moore passed away at the end of March. In reaction Alabama’s coach Nick Saban said that the program will be putting “something on the helmet” to honor one of the truly classy and loyal members Tide Nation has ever seen.

It seems like this season helmets are the go to place for teams to put their personal touch on  their uniform. The NCAA have laid down the law on only wanting a specific type of uniform not including the helm. There have absolutely been a lot of good, bad and ugly when it comes to college football teams and their helmets. However, this is definitely a case for the good.

Alabama will dawn their new helmets with the sentimental touch on August 31st against Virginia Tech. Even though more is no longer with them, he will certainly be watching over the Alabama Tide this season.


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