SR Camo Collection

adidas has just released a camouflage collection of colorways in two of its most hyped soccer cleat ranges; the Predator LZ and the new Hypervenom 1.0. There are over 10 different versions available and each features an extremely unique camouflage style design. Considering we only usually see one colorway released at a time, the number of new designs available to choose from seems like an extremely unusual strategy.

But, of course, there is a specific reason behind this. Each design is only available on miadidas, where you can work on creating a design with your own touch of flair.

Outside the scope of visual design, what else have you got to look forward with these boots? We break down some of the key characteristics in each boot that you should watch out for.

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Hybridtouch Upper


As seen on: Predator LZ and Nitrocharge 1.0

Another addition that is seen on both boots is a Hybridtouch upper. This is an advanced synthetic material that is water resistant, lightweight and offers a form fit through the upper with the comfortable feel of traditional leather.

  • Hybridtouch takes 4 times longer than a traditional leather to absorb the same quantity of water.
  • Hybridtouch is more resistant under stress conditions and maintains it’s snug shape for a longer period of time.
  • Hybridtouch is 40% lighter than natural leather.
  • The bonding of Hybridtouch material has an impressive performance in wet and dry conditions.

Predator Lethal Zones

Lethal Zones

As seen on: Predator LZ

This is the first Predator release to move away from the sole “power” category. Rather than just being a boot that compliments players that like to strike shots, Adidas has shifted to a more hybrid design. This includes five different “Lethal Zones” that sit across the forefoot of the boot. Each zones is designed to work on a different performance characteristics, as follows:

  • The large First Touch zone has recessed ribs to cushion impact and stop the ball. It’s a vacuum effect for instant control.
  • The Drive zone has a raised and thicker 3D shape following the natural curve of the instep to help create rebound distance and open the game.
  • The Dribble zone is designed for quick contact with the ball and close control.
  • The large Control/Pass zone is memory foam with a sticky coating on top. This ensures consistency, precision and killer passing.
  • On the Sweet Spot zone 3D ribs ensure longer contact with the ball to generate speed and spin.



As seen on: Nitrocharge 1.0

One look at the Nitrocharge and you can see that something is slightly different – the rubber region that runs across the forefoot. This is called the Energysling and it is in place to offer support through lateral movements as well as sharp direction changes. It is basically an elastic insert that flexes and retracts as you move.

Some players have commented on the potential of increased control thanks to the textured material. It might not be its intended purpose, but it certainly does have the potential to offer players some additional help as they control or move with the ball.

adidas miCoach

miCoach Technology

As seen on: Predator LZ and Nitrocharge 1.0

The ability to track your performance is a big plus for any player and adidas has crafted a cavity in the soleplate of both boots where you can place a miCoach chip. It tracks the distance you cover as well as the intensity of your workout, so that you can find areas of improvement and find ways to step to the next level of performance.

All you need to do is slip the chip into your boots before playing, run as much as you can for 90 minutes, then upload your results to the dedicated miCoach website. It is simple to do and adds a little extra motivation for doing that one extra sprint!

Adidas SprintFrame Soleplate


As seen on: Predator LZ and Nitrocharge 1.0

One area that adidas has been consistent is in the use of their SprintFrame outsole. Over the past several releases, they have stuck with the tried and trusted traction it provides, which is quite unique for any brand. Each pair features an 11 stud design, with each holding a triangular shape. There are 11 in total, with 4 on the back and 7 underneath the forefoot.

The only difference between both boots is that adidas has added EnergyPulse toward the forefoot of the boot. Complementing the “Engine” factor of the boot, it provides additional energy through toe-off to offer a little extra momentum through a players first step.

miadidas Camouflage Collection

Price Point

One final note, based on the price you will pay to get one of the Camouflage designs. Because they are designed using the miadidas option, you are going to pay more to get your hands on a pair. These versions will not be available to buy from regular retailers, so it is an excellent marketing strategy from adidas.

Regular versions will retail for around $200, to get a personalized pair on miadidas the price jumps to around $240 to $250.