Year: 1986
Sneaker: Nike Air Jordan

It would have been unfair to expect much from Michael Jordan in the 1986 NBA Playoffs. For starters, he had missed all but 18 games of the regular season after breaking his foot in the third game. He returned over the Bulls' objections, and played in just 15 games before facing off against the Boston Celtics, who had won an NBA-best 67 games and were the clear favorites to win it all. In Jordan's only game against Boston in the regular season, the Bulls had lost by 21. Then, in the opening game, he scored 49 points. This was only a preview of what was to come. In Game Two, at Boston Garden, Jordan poured in 63 in an overtime contest. The Bulls went on to lose-and were swept in three games-but Larry Bird was suitably impressed, calling him "God disguised as Michael Jordan." Close enough.