May - Jordan Aero Mania Low

If you’ve recently picked up the sport of Basketball and are overwhelmed with the hundreds of footwear options then we have some good news as today we are featuring the 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Beginners. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or look flashy on-court when you are still going over the basic fundaments and drills so check out this list and hopefully it’ll help you make some sound decisions.

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Nike Visi Pro III

No. 10 - Nike Visi Pro III

Nike gets a bad rap for their retail prices but if you started looking within your actual budget instead of your wish list then you’d come to find a variety of Nike Basketball models that are priced under the $100 mark. No, they won’t be signatures but that’s exactly what we mean by sticking to your budget vs. a wish list. The Nike Visi Pro III has the cushion and the performance attributes of other higher priced models… without the higher price.

Nike Overplay VII

No. 9 - Nike Overplay VII

Yet another Nike model that is moderately priced and often found discounted below their already low retail price. The Overplay line has been around for a while – they are on their 7thversion – and they are the average basic performer. It has everything a beginner would need and they’re built to last. You can use these for indoor and outdoor practices & games without having to worry about a thing.

Nike Air Posterize SL

No. 8 - Nike Air Max Posterize SL

The Nike Air Max Posterize SL is a very solid hoop shoe with design features & tech specs of higher priced models. You can grab these in cool colorways and they don’t look as bland as some of the previous sneakers on the list. We’d recommend these to any hooper out there that is budget conscious… not just the beginner.


No. 7 - adidas Crazy Fast

This is where you begin to see an increase in price but not to the point where your Mom will strangle you. adidas’ Crazy Fast is a team shoe featured on professional athletes but retails for only $100… they eventually hit sales prices too so you can find them for less than retail most of the time. Just like the Nike Air Max Posterize, these offer you everything adidas’ signature lines offer but without the signature branding and price point. You’ll love the shoe and your Mom will too.

adidas-Crazy-Shadow-Available-Now-2 copy

No. 6 - adidas Crazy Shadow 2

The adidas Crazy Shadow 2 offers the same tech specs as the Crazy Fast & they are easy to find. They get placed on sales racks fairly quickly so they won’t break the bank & you’ll blend in with the rest of the crowd. They have everything you need to get the job done and you could buy two pairs for the price of one signature sneaker in most cases.

nike zoom hyperquickness

No. 5 - Nike Zoom Hyperquickness

The Nike Zoom Hyperquickness just released and they are one of Nike’s somewhat higher priced team models. You’ll receive forefoot cushion along with a very durable upper which makes them worth the price they ask… $110.

May - Jordan Aero Mania Low

No. 4 - Jordan Aero Mania

When you think of Jordan you usually think of expensive right after… that doesn’t have to always be the case. Just like Nike & adidas, Jordan Brand offers moderately priced performance models that always end up on sale. Yes, sale is a recurring theme when you are just starting out in a new sport but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on quality. Just like the Hyperquickness, the Aero Mania offers forefoot cushion and a durable upper.

underarmor-bball-duo 3

No. 3 - Under Armour Micro G Torch

Now it’s time to think outside the box. Nike, adidas and Jordan Brand are the big 3 when it comes to performance footwear but Under Armour has a few gems of their own… all of which are moderately priced and can outperform nearly every model previously mentioned. Sure, they might look basic but once you try Micro G you’ll be in love. Great traction and fit as well so they are one of the best bang for your buck options around. You can find them for a discounted rate at &

adidas 773 II

No. 2 - adidas Rose 773 II

All of the options provided are nice but you really want a signature shoe to start with… don’t worry, there are still a few options out there. adidas and Derrick Rose have their signature line but there is also the team route with the 773 model. This is their latest – the 773 II – and has some of adidas’ latest tech featured along with the Rose name and branding… all for $110. Tons of colorways are available as well so if you are on a budget but still wanted to wear your favorite athletes gear while you learn the game… they’ve made it easy for you.


No. 1 - Anything On Sale

Head to any outlet center, Ross, TJ Maxx etc. and you will find some of the best performance models at some of the lowest prices around. When you are just starting out, it will be important to find a nice and comfortable shoe but you may end up having to wear that shoe on and off court. You can find some great options – which will likely include a lot of last year’s models – for a fraction of the price at these outlet/discount stores. The Nike Zoom Kobe 7 has been spotted at numerous Ross stores around the U.S. recently for $50-$70… not a bad way to start out for a beginner.

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