Name: Angela (ellaesco)
Age: 32
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Twitter / Instagram: @ellaesco

What Is Your Favorite Sneaker?

Nike Air Max 95. The design inspiration behind it and everything it. 1995 was a good year.

How Often Do You Buy New Sneakers?

Not as often as I used to. 

What's The Most You've Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?

$800, give or take. Less than some handbags out there. And yes, I have worn them.

How Many Pairs Of Sneakers Do You Have?

Ummm, I think 200 and something. I used to have much more...

Do You Collect A Specific Type Of Sneaker?

I have an affinity and brand loyalty to the Swoosh. Always have been quite partial to Air Max and other runners. 

Have You Ever Sold A Pair Of Sneakers?


How Often Do You Look At Sneakers On The Internet?

Not as often as I used to — not as often as I'd like to! 

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Term Sneakerhead?:

It's thrown around a lot more nowadays, much like the phrases "love" and "ass munching," but "sneakerhead" initially takes my mind to our subculture, however it may have grown over the past decade. We are studied and taken into account by several companies on what can make them the most $. 

What Are Your Feelings On The State Of Sneakers Right Now?:

Quantity over quality. All the brands know it. They continue to release lesser quality: Why? Because we will still buy it and they receive bigger price margins. I was visiting San Francisco and decided to go line up (for all of maybe 30 minutes) for the pink snake XIs. Several years ago, at a XX2 party, Gentry Humphrey himself complimented me on 'em. Anyway, I was excited to have a second pair so that I might preserve my original retro (isn't that an oxymoron). Sad to say, I returned them. The quality wasn't even 50 percent of what it used to be. 

What Has Changed About Sneakers In The Last 5/10/20 Years To You?

Price points, technology, people, variants continue to get better, architecture... quality in a lot of instances. The Internet has made release information very easy to locate and made our world smaller. I certainly know and speak to a lot of people I would have never met if not for sneaker message boards. More importantly, it has made our demographic a completely free case study for colorways and other design inspirations. 


Let us stop creating riots where children die over sneakers, and start creating availability or better yet, a charitable portion.


What Would You Like To See Change In The Future?:

Quality and quantity. All of the resources are readily available. Let us stop creating riots where children die over sneakers, and start creating availability or better yet, a charitable portion. If I spend $110 on a child-sized Air Jordan, why can't they cut the pie and give two percent to something — not just special charity releases — all of the time? Just a pipe dream? Nike is the first to do a lot of things, why not be the first to set that trend and back it up with yearly supportive documentation?