As technology continues to advance, performance footwear and apparel continues to evolve into high tech gear designed to get the most out of athletes. But at what cost to the environment? It’s no secret that manufacturing that flashy gear we all like to rock requires a ton of material and energy. To get into specifics, according to industry data, the global apparel industry is on pace to produce more than 400 billion square meters of fabric, and use up to 200 tons of water annually by the year 2015. Those are some larger-than-life numbers incase you didn’t realize. And sure, brands have steadily shifted towards producing environmental-friendly products over, particularly over the past few years (for example adidas’ dye-sub process in baseball jerseys, and Nike's track & field kits made from recycled plastic). But now, it looks like the Swoosh is taking it a step further by introducing the “MAKING” app that allows designers to be more aware of the environmental impacts of their products, and make decisions accordingly to help create a more sustainable future.

The unique app ranks materials based on the four main environmental impact areas: water, chemistry, energy, and waste. It then lets designers compare the materials and see their effects on the environment. The MAKING app is powered by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a comprehensive database that combines 7+ years of research and analysis.

Users can download the Nike MAKING app for free at the Apple iTunes store.


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