Since its initial launch back in 2012 around the London Olympics, the Nike Flyknit has seen itself dressed up as a runner, a racer, and the highly coveted HTM with Lunar. However, it wasn't until recently, with the announcement of the Nike Flyknit Free, that Nike truly took the technology to the next level. What may at first glance appear to be just a hybrid silhouette is Nike offering a better version of the two. Sometimes one plus one is more than two.

Nike Free has reigned as one of the most-loved sneakers in the training world since its original inspiration on the track field at Stanford. To this day, we see it in running, training, and even in golf shoes like the TW'14. Nike Flyknit, which was seen everywhere at the London Olympics has made its own path. The soft feel of the upper and the innnovative design has struck a chord with runners and style seekers alike and has resulted in the model even hitting NIKEiD. 

This brings us to the Nike Flyknit Free. A mix of the best of both technologies that, as Nike explains, "is meant to amplify nature." With that design ethos in mind and a pair of Free Flyknits in hand, here are the 10 Things You Need To Know About The Nike Free Flyknit

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