You know those springs inside your mattress? Well it looks like they’ve found their way into running shoes. It seems somewhat obscure to employ such a dated technology, particularly with the advancements seen in running shoes in recent years. But according to the Yorkshire, England-based mattress company and biomechanics professor duo that came up with the idea, apparently there’s a method to the madness.

See, running shoes come already come with some sort of a shock absorption system, in most cases its in the form of gel units, foam inserts, or air pockets. But designers at the University of Central Lancashire have taken a more literal, but perhaps overlooked approach to providing runners with impact resistance by implanting miniature mattress pocket springs in both the forefoot and heel for shock retention and better responsiveness. Dubbed “The Preston,” the box-spring shoe is designed to reduce injuries caused by running—something that continues to be a concern despite innovations in sneaker technology.

A prototype of the shoe will be available for the public to try on at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London. A retail version of The Preston could potential surface before the year’s end. Though, a price and official release date have not yet been determined.


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