As one of the league's all time greatest relievers, Mariano Rivera took to the All-Star Game mound for the final time in the eighth inning of last night's Midsummer Classic. By the time he finished his perfect inning, he was showered with standing ovations.

Rivera, who plans to retire at the end of the season, was honored with the MVP award and helped to keep the National League scoreless as the AL rallied to a 3-0 win. "It was tough. It was special. Seeing the fans sharing and both teams standing out of the dugout, managers, coaches players, priceless," said Rivera after the game.

Starting for the American League was Max Scherzer, who struck out one batter in a single inning of play. On offense, the AL's three runs came from Adam Jones, Miguel Cabrera, and Salvador Pererz. As for the National League? They only had three hits on the night thanks to the AL's dominant pitching.

Rivera, who at 43 is the oldest All-Star to play since Carlton Fisk in 1991. The veteran pitcher likes to keep things classic with his cleats, opting for the Nike Cooperstown, which he's been wearing since the beginning of his career in 1995. If you're looking to pick these up, you'll probably be searching for awhile, because these are made exclusively by Nike for Mo.

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