KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is New Balance Abzorb. The brand's proprietary cushioning setup is utilized on a wide range of performance models, including running, training, baseball, and hiking.

What is it? A blend of Dupont Engage Isoprene rubber and proprietary foam materials utilized in the midsoles of New Balance models. Favored for its cushioning and compression set properties, Abzorb is used internally in both the heel and forefoot. Designed to absorb shock and displace energy, Abzorb cushioning keeps athletes comfortable and protected from the rigors of impact.

How does it work? Abzorb's makeup consists of consistent cell wall thickness, uniform cell size, and a consistent cell shape which helps to resist compression set. What this means for athletes is that Abzorb offers lightweight comfort similar to EVA foams, but is able to withstand its cushioning properties longer than standard EVA. In action, Abzorb dissipates shock as soon as the foot makes impact, resulting in a soft, protective ride.

Notable products: NB 1765, NB 1080v3, NB 880v3

Bottom line: New Balance Abzorb cushioning will keep athletes comfortable and maintain its properties longer than standard EVA foams.

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