NFL training camp has begun and you can see your favorite NFL player's make their rounds as they prepare for a new NFL season. From rookies to returning stars, everyone is getting into the action.

Today we spotted this pic featuring Detroit Lions' running back Reggie bush going through a normal routine. What's not normal though, are his cleats. Bush, when he first entered the league as a Saint, signed a multi-year contract with adidas. In his debut, in 2006, Bush was fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing his new adidas cleat. "Adidas took care of it," said Bush. According to the NFL, Bush was in violation of marketing brands outside of the NFL’s established relationships (Nike and Reebok). Since then however, brands such as Under Armour have made waves with their line of cleats. Fast forward today, spotted in none other than a Nike cleat.

From the looks of the cleat it is no team shoe and seem retro inspired; if it isn’t a retro shoe itself. Is Reggie Bush still signed to adidas and to avoid further fines wears Nike when he plays on the field? Is Bush now done with adidas and is now signed with Nike? We will have to wait till to the season begins to know for sure.


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