Messi F50 Visual Cues

adidas has unleashed its latest personalized boot design for the world’s best player, Lionel Messi. The real difference with this boot is the design and visual cues that the 3-stripe brand has created. We all know that Lionel Messi shines any time he puts on a jersey and hits the pitch, but the addition of a wild new colorway will give us more reason to focus on his tricky feet.

Here, we take a look at the overall performance of the adidas F50 adiZero and uncover what this latest colorway has to offer players who might want to purchase a pair.

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Messi F50 Soleplate

Traction: The Soleplate

adidas sticks with their tried and trusted SprintFrame soleplate, the same one we have seen used by adidas on their complete range over the past few seasons. The concept is pretty simple; provide clean traction and a sharp release from the surface. Each of the stud’s features a triangular design, with four located on the back end of the boot and 7 in the forefoot.
Messi F50 Upper

Touch and Control: The Upper

The synthetic SprintSkin upper on the adiZero range features a 3D textured pattern, designed to elevate performance in all weather conditions. This water wicking material and an elevated ridge pattern are intended to allow water to slide off the cleat rather than be absorbed — keeping the foot dry and the cleat light even in heavy rain.

On this version, adidas has slightly modified the design and cooked up something different. Rather than a raised pattern, these feature a repeated pattern of vertical gripped stripes, running from the back of the boot right through to the toes. The upper still holds waterproofing properties, but this version is more flat with the added bonus of a material that ensure the balls sticks a little closer on first touch.
Messi Fit

Design: Visual Cues

The real difference between these and other F50 adiZero releases lies in the visual cues provided by the boot. Adidas has gone with the advertising slogan “Light Up The Pitch” and it is pretty easy to see why. Messi himself is no stranger to being front and center in the spotlight and Adidas has added to the fire by creating an extremely easy to spot design. The official colorway is listed as Turbo/Blast Purple/White, with the several colors covering different areas throughout the upper. Then Adidas has added several streaks of color to create a more dynamic look.

The key here is that it is an extremely easy boot to spot thanks to the wild and eccentric design.
Messi F50 Upper Fit

Comfort: Fit and Shape

Considering these are one of the lightest boots ever released on the market, with a 5.8oz weight point, adidas has looked at ways to reinforce the upper and give it a more efficient fit. One of the areas they have focused on is the inside of the boot, where they have added a SprintWeb band. It sits on both sides of the lacing system and provides an added level of strength to the upper. In turn, this increases stability as you make lateral movements.

The boot itself fits true to size and most players will find the shape to be satisfactory. Although not overly wide in the midfoot, the synthetic design of the forefoot gives some added space for players who reply on additional space to get their feet in. With the SprintWeb connecting the lacing system, players looking for a more constricted fit can simply tighten the laces and bring the upper closer to their feet shape.

Price and Retail Info

We are set to see Lionel Messi debut these boots in the next week and he will continue wearing them through preseason and into Barcelona’s 2013/14 La Liga campaign.
Fans who want to get their hands on a pair will have to wait a while, with the official release slated for August 1st. And when they are available to pick-up, you will need to spend $220 to secure your pair.

Currently listed for pre-order on

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