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When it comes to football cleats, skill players have it made. With so many solid options to choose from (UA Cam Highlight, adidas CrazyQuick, and Nike Vapor Laser Talon, to make a few), wideouts, quarterbacks and DB’s aren’t only quicker and more efficient on the field, but also look the part. But what about the big men? Who’s looking out for that O-line, without whom skill players would be virtually useless? For one, Under Armour.

This summer, down linemen on both sides of the ball will experience improved support, comfort, and reliable footing by way of the all-new UA Spine Brawler Mid cleat. Designed for players who earn a living in the trenches, the Brawler Mid is the latest football cleat to adopt UA’s Spine outsole technology that offers lightweight and responsive cushioning without sacrificing support.

The cleat comes with a 4D Foam collar for a custom fit, along with a 3D-molded MPZ tongue that provides some extra padding for the top of the foot. The Brawler also features something called V56 technology, which is designed to help players avoid over-extension as they shoot out of the 3-point stance.


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