Gerrick, better known as ShoeAffliction, is an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles and loves to collect shoes as a hobby.

How would you explain the Nike Bespoke Experience?

It was my first experience. I'd heard good things from a lot of friends and I had a great time. To me it really wasn't about the shoe as much as it was about the whole experience. Designing. Meeting the designer.

What were some of your inspirations for the shoe?

I wanted to keep it simple. That's my style. I'm not too loud. I chose the colors and materials based on what I think are the best materials and colors that Nike offers. I chose obsidian blue because I think Nike does the best with that color. The same goes for the grey and the mix of the leather and suede. Nike does a really great job with all of those. How would you rate the Bespoke experience? It was great. I really loved it. One of the best I've had as far as sport and sneakers and things like that.

Do you think the Bespoke experience should come to L.A.?

Definitely. There are a lot of sneaker guys here who would love for it to be in L.A. Once I heard that it was coming here, i had to jump on it. You never know. It might not come back here again, so I wanted to be a part of it.

What is your favorite sneaker in your collection?

For me it has to be the Jordan III. Nothing fancy, just the White/Cement or True Blue. That was my very first Jordan. To me it goes back to my childhood. That's the one that started it rolling for me.

Where can people find you if they want to talk sneakers?

Twitter/Instagram I am ShoeAffliction. Same goes for Facebook.