Fran, aka Franalations, is a well-known sneaker reviewer in Los Angeles and is best known for his videos on Youtube.

Now this isn't your first Bespoke. Talk to us about that?

This is actually my fifth Bespoke. All of them have been focused around video games. The first three were focused around Pokemon. They were starter characters. For those that played the game, those are the characters that you start the game off with. The next one was based on World of Warcraft. I've been playing since its release date, so that was something special to me. For this one, I went back to the Pokemon theme. It is the hidden Pokemon at the end of the game, Mew. A legendary Pokemon, and I figured what better way to do a cool rare shoe then to use a rare Pokemon. For me, it linked up with something that I like, so that is what I did.

How was the experience?

The Bespoke experience is amazing. The process takes a few hours. When you are in the design studio, they tell you ideas about which colors work with which materials over another one. It is really like comparable to the collaboration experience with Nike. They are very helpful and have a lot of experience in design. They help your creation become a reality.

Outside of the Air Force 1, what is your favorite sneaker?

I am a big SB Dunk collector. I would have to go to with a Dunk Mid. I am also a fan of the Air Force 1 and I am happy I had the chance to do another one.

How many kicks would you say you have in your collection?

I know that I have 800 pairs. I recently did a count and this will be 801.

Where can people find you?

On,, and on Twitter @Franalations23