Afrokix, as he is better known in the sneaker community, is an avid Air Force 1 collector. His collection rivals some of the greatest we have ever seen and he is proud of it. Hasaan is also the buyer for Men's Land, a regional chain of stores in Los Angeles.

Is this your first Bespoke Experience?

This is my second time. I did a pair in 2009 for my 30th birthday. I flew to New York with my best friend and it was a great experience. Happy we had a chance to do it here.

How would you explain the Bespoke Experience?

I have nothing to compare it to. It is a very unique experience. I am a big Air Force 1 head. I love Air Force 1s. Just that fact that you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with the [pauses for a second]...I wish I had the words. As far as my shoe experiences go, it is probably the best, By far. By far the best.

What was the inspiration for your shoe?

Actually it was the kente cloth. its funny, I was looking for inspiration and I went through my graduation pictures and I had the kente cloth around me and I was like there it is. I actually have it with me on my phone. For every color, I chose a different material. The red, the yellow, the green, the black, the white, the pink.

You have the red viper snakeskin, the yellow tumbled leather, the pink is actually velvet. You have the zebra on the swoosh to represent Africa. That is actually where I am from. Then you have the gator swoosh on the other side. Both well-known African animals. Maharam Digi-Camo on the outline on the inside of the shoe. I just made sure each color was going to be a different material. I don't mind going crazy. So I was like, "Lets give it a try."

What detail would you say you love the most?

The heel. I liked to call myself "Africa's Finest Sneakerhead", because that is where I am from. Definitely behind the shoe, that is what defines me the most. So I have the African map (on the right heel) and the Islamic symbol (on the left heel). I am African, born and raised, and I am Muslim. Those are the two number 1 things about me.

How long have you been collecting sneaker and about how many do you have?

Like every other kid, I grew up loving kicks. But seriously getting into the sneaker culture, I would say 2004. I want to say that I have give or take about 700 pairs.

Where can people find you?

On Instagram/Twitter it is @Afrokix. They can also find me at Men's Land on Crenshaw, I am there six days a week.