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The first known use of the word bespoke appeared in 1607 and was in reference to custom-made suits. Today, the meaning of bespoke has expanded beyond suits and now applies to any one-off creation. This can include a bespoke software program, a bespoke jacket, or in this case, a pair of shoes. 

Normally reserved for those willing to travel to New York, the Nike Bespoke experience made a limited-time stop in Los Angeles and invited several local sneakerheads to create a custom Nike Air Force 1. With nothing but ideas in their head, they all headed to the Nike Vault at Staples Center to create a shoe unlike any other. With a plethora of material choices and color options, the end result can vary from simple and plain to audacious and gaudy; and everything in between. We took the time to talk to a few of the collectors that participated in the experience, and these are their stories. 

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