Nike was once one of the most hated brands in skateboarding. The fear of "corporate" taking over in a world where everyone has a "stick-it-to-the-man" mentality was overwhelming in 2002. What Nike SB has done for the sport of skateboarding since, though, is immeasurable. You could argue that it's become more commercialized but try telling that to rebellious skaters like Eric Koston, who is now living much more comfortably than he was 10 years ago. And that means he gets to skate more, which is good for him and even better for the rest of us who look on as fans. The Nike SB roster has changed drastically over the years but with people like P-Rod and Stefan Janoski leading the team for nearly half its existence, sneakerheads and skaters have reaped the benefits. Now with Nike SB jumping on board as a lead sponsor of Street League, they're doing even more to support skateboarding. With tomorrow being Go Skateboarding Day, we take a look at The 100 Best Nike SBs of All Time and remind you of two things, wear your kicks and #skateeverydamnday!

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