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The arrival of warmer weather means a lot of folks will be ditching the city streets for the road less paved this summer, which in turn means hiking boots will be in hot demand. But as important as your new hikers are, don’t forget you’ll need a pair of socks that are equally as comfortable on the rugged trail.

Hiking socks may have a natural reputation of being too bulky or too restricting for warm weather use, but there is a new breed of hiking sock out that is lightweight, supportive, and are packed with all the odor-fighting, blister-resisting, sweat-wicking features you’ll need to keep on trekking. Here are The 10 Best Hiking Socks for Warmer Weather.

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Summer Socks - Wigwam Outlast Hiker

No. 10 - Wigwam Outlast Hiker

The midweight Outlast Hiker sock from Wigwam is lighter than it looks. It's made from outlast fibers that balance the temperature in high heat situations to keep your feet nice and cool. It features a seamless toe closure, as well as a cushioned sole for lasting comfort. A great option if you're headed for mild-to-moderate terrain.


Summer Socks - Keen North Country Lite Crew

No. 9 - Keen North Country Lite Crew

You may be familiar with Keen's quality boots, but the outdoor brand also has the sock game on lock. Ready for the long haul, the North Country Lite Crew premium lightweight hiking sock features a fully cushioned footbed for support and comfort on the trail, and a seamless toe flex zone to avoid bunching.


Summer Socks - Thorlo LTH Light Hiking Socks

No. 8 - Thorlo LTH Light Hiking Sock

The clinically tested LTH Light Hiking Sock from Thorlo is all about foot protection in the lightest way possible. This warm weather sock is designed specifically for men prone to blisters, foot pain, or discomfort. It's constructed with Thorlon and Coolmax fibers for softness, resilience, durability, and moisture wicking. A low-profile toe seam reduces irritation caused by rubbing.


Summer Socks - Smartwool Ultra Hike Light

No. 7 - Smartwool Hike Ultra Light Crew

Now, we know what you're thinking: merino wool in the summertime? Yes, it can be done. The Smartwool Hike Ultra Light Crew features WOW Technology in reinforced sole for maximum comfort and durability, and to keep the sock in place and giving you all-sport versatility. Despite a primarily merino wool construction, the sock features mesh vents throughout for breathability and temperature regulation during those warm summer days.


Summer Socks - Icebreaker Outdoor Hiker Lite

No. 6 - Icebreaker Outdoor Lite Crew

If you're planning on wearing some serious boots on you next hike, these are the socks you want. The Icebreaker Outdoor Lite Crew has targeted boot cushioning for comfort, exterior reinforcement for extra durability, instep support and a flat toe seam to prevent blisters. The sock's lightweight construction means it won't slow you down on the trail.


Summer Socks - Smartwool PHD Outdoor Light Mini

No. 5 - Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini

The PhD Outdoor Light Mini is designed for the minimalist hiker. The ankle-high sock is extremely lightweight and versatile, and features patented ReliaWool Technology in high impact areas provide longer lasting protection to keep feet comfortable. It has mesh zones for ventilation and moisture management.


Summer Socks - Wigwam Single Trax Pro

No. 4 - Wigwam Single Trax Pro

So you like hiking in trail running shoes and need a lightweight sock to go with. Enter, the Wigwam Single Trax Pro. The newest addition to Wigwam's expansive sock lineup, the Single Trax Pro keeps your feet dry, blisters away, and are odor free. The sock is made from a stretch nylon, polyester, cotton, and merino wool blend for a comfortable fit that will last you the entire hike.


Keen Zing Ultralite Low Cut

No. 3 - Keen Zing Ultralite Low Cut

A multisport sock made of moisture-wicking Merino wool and featuring impact cushioning in key areas, the Zing Ultralite Low Cut is a versatile sock that is always up for an adventure. The Zing Ultralite features contour arch support for comfort, along with a seamless toe box to avoid chafing.


Summer Socks - IceBreaker Mini

No. 2 - Icebreaker Multisport Cushion Mini Lite

The Multisport Cushion Mini Lite from Icebreaker is one of the most comfortable socks your feet will ever wear, period. Though it's designed for running and cycling, the sock is perfect for hiking in warmer weather thanks to a lightweight and streamlined design. The sock features support at the Achilles and instep, a toe seam designed to prevent blisters and chafing, and a reinforced heel and toe for durability. Comes up to your ankles.


Summer Socks - Merrell Chameleon Stretch

No. 1 - Merrell Chameleon Stretch

Merrell has out-done itself with the Chameleon Stretch sock. Built for everyday use, the sock uses hydrophobic, anti-friction fibers to eliminate bulk and provide comfortable footing. The sock features reinforced footbed cushioning, as well as arch support, making it one of the lightest, yet most reliable hiking socks on the market. It's one of those socks you put on and just cant help but smile.


Gurvinder Singh Gandu is a New York City-based writer and wear-tester for Sneaker Report, and contributor to Complex Media. Follow him @GurvinderSG for the latest in performance footwear and gear.

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