Last month, adidas invited fans to suggest names for Damian Lillard’s Crazyquick move—now known as the "West Coast Roast." Then, they did the same for John Wall’s signature maneuver, which was dubbed “The DC Shimmy.” Well, you know what, sports fans? D. Lillard wasn’t done with you yet. Apparently, homeboy doesn’t have just one super unique trick on the court, but two, and adidas wants you to help immortalize this one as well. If you don't know the move we’re talking about, then you best check out the video.

Seen it? Okay, good. Now go name it.

adidas is giving fans the chance to coin Damian Lillard’s second Crazyquick move with their own original name. Entering is easy: once you've devised the right moniker for the maneuver, just post it on Twitter with the tag #QuickAintFair. adidas will pick their three favorites, repost them, and put them to a vote with fans. Whichever name gets re-tweeted the most will win, and Damian himself will personally thank the winner for his or her contribution to immortalizing his magic move.

So don't wait, get cracking now on your best idea for Lillard’s next Crazyquick move. #QuickAintFair

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