Earlier this week, Mizuno’s Flagship running shoe, the Wave Rider, made an unexpected appearance on the feet of Wendy Davis during her filibuster in Texas. As a result, the social media universe exploded with buzz about Davis’ salmon-colored Wave Rider 16’s. Mizuno’s social media interaction and site traffic nearly doubled form all the hype, though the brand stayed relatively quite throughout—that is, until now.

Today, Mizuno release an official statement regarding Davis’ sneaker choice during the filibuster. Here’s what the brand had to say: 

Mizuno was surprised by the sudden spotlight focused on our flagship running shoe, the Wave Rider, earlier this week when Wendy Davis wore a pair during her filibuster in Texas.

We are proud of the running shoes we develop for our customers and know the Wave Rider’s design is able to provide the comfort and cushioning needed for any “endurance” event, whether it’s a 5K, a marathon or 10+ hour filibuster. We love seeing our running shoes on all consumers regardless of their political affiliation or beliefs.

Media and consumers’ response via social media nearly doubled traffic to our site and lifted the Wave Rider 16 product page to be the number one viewed page.  Allin all, the excitement this event has drawn to our brand and running has been tremendous and unexpected.

As you do, we love talking about running and introducing new consumers to our quality product. However, this conversation did not start out as a running conversation, thus we have limited our engagement to date. We are fortunate to have benefitted from this conversation and do appreciate Ms. Davis selecting our quality athletic footwear for her “endurance” event; however we do not have a corporate position related to the topic she presented.”


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