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Clint Dempsey

It has been quite a week for Nike Soccer. With all eyes on tomorrow’s friendly invitational pairing Team USA vs. Germany, the Swoosh unveiled their latest technical achievement, the

Hypervenom 5

Looking back at the game recently in Costa Reca where you were faced with some extreme weather conditions, are you often faced with the elements on the pitch and how do you prepare for that?
I wouldn’t say often, I mean most of the time because I play most of my games during the season in London, where you deal with rain and it being cold. There has been a few times when we play in the snow. I remember one game that we played and they had to shovel snow off of the lines so you could see them. But the Costa Rica game, that was probably the worst conditions I had to play in as far as the amount of snow that came down and not being able to see the lines, it was crazy. It was also my first game as a team captain for the national team in a World Cup qualifier, so looking back it was a cool experience because not only was it a crazy game, it was a proud moment for myself being able to captain the team.

Judging by the super light look of the upper on the Hypervenoms, how do you feel about playing in these cleats in more extreme conditions?
They do a ton of testing on these shoes in different conditions, on different people. So far throughout my career, I’ve been able to play in anything that Mother Nature can throw at you and I feel the Hypervenom can do the same. I’m looking forward to playing in them because they’re just as light as the Vapors, if not lighter. Just having a bit more room and having it not so narrow will make it a bit more comfortable for me and they say it helps the agility so I’m hoping to get it in the box and make a goal.

“I’ve been able to play in anything that Mother Nature can throw at you and I feel the Hypervenom can do the same.”

We’re looking forward to that. Any pre-game rituals to share?
Yeah, I have a few. I’ll just say this one, on each my shinguards, I’ll kiss them before I put them on and I’ll put the names of the people I’ve loved and lost to remind myself that life is short and to take advantage of the opportunity. So that’s something I do, I say a little prayer to help protect me in the game and keep me free from injury, and you know, that’s probably the one that means the most to me.

Catch Clint Dempsey and Team USA as they face off against Team Germany in DC on Sunday. Stay tuned with Sneaker Report for the latest on the Nike Hypervenom.

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