Written by Ben Berry (@B3nBerry), contributor at The Hoop Doctors.

I really like sneakers, but the biggest thing that keeps me from having a lot more is the price. It is true that as the technology used in basketball sneakers have improved, the price changes to justify adding the revolutionary tech. A move that makes sense but doesn't help quench my thirst for footwear. The purchase of a sneaker you are on the fence about can be justified a lot easier by a low price tag. With price likely being the largest factor when choosing kicks for many, I decided to list 10 of the best classic basketball sneakers available for under retail at Foot Locker right now.

While it is true that all of the pairs listed here aren't on the cutting edge of sneaker technology, they were years ago and are strong enough silhouettes to stand the test of time and even translate well from the court to the streets.

Check out this list of 10 classic basketball sneakers that you can pick up at Foot Locker right now. Did I mention every pair of kicks listed here is under retail? Thank me later.

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