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It looks like the Los Angeles Clippers' and New Orleans Pelicans' Greivis Vasquez aren't the only ones receiving awesome player exclusive Under Armour Spine Bionics PEs. Here we have a look at a "Team Bring It" version cooked up for The Rock. If you do not follow The Rock and his work you may not be familiar with Team Bring It. Team Bring It is comprised of all The Rock's fans around that world have committed to giving their all in everything they do, every single day of theirs lives. UA shows love to Team Bring It by giving this Spine Bionic a black/red colorway and by placing the Team Bring It Brahma Bull logo on the tongue. As you can see this Spine Bionic is in The Rock's sz15, that lets us know that they will likely not be made available to the general public. However, if Under Armour did decide to release these "Team Bring It" Spine Bionic PEs would you cop?