Yesterday, Sneaker Report presented The Single Defining Shoe of the Past 10 NBA Playoffs. Many of the sneakers included in the list were worn by eventual Finals MVPs like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. However, Magic Johnson's 1980 Finals MVP run tops them all as arguably the greatest postseason performance of all time. On May 16, 1980, Johnson was still a rookie, matched against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 6 of the Finals. Teammate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had suffered an injury, which shifted Magic from his usual position of guard to center. Surprisingly, the 6'9" Magic seemed right at home in the big man position, and ended up dropping 42 points, grabbing 15 rebounds, and dishing seven assists as the Lakers won 123-107. This do-it-all performance would become custom for Magic, explaining exactly how he earned his nickname.

Later in '86, Johnson would endorse the Converse Weapon, but in the 1980 finals he opted for the subtle Converse Pro Leather. This classic leather-and-rubber style was also worn by legends like Julius Erving. Due to the age of the design, retro releases aren't intended for court use, but you can pick up the Converse Pro Leather today for $50.

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