Sneaker Con's Summer 2013 tour is set to kick off this weekend in Chicago, as above we showcase three additional dates and locations that have already been locked in for June and July. Atlanta, Miami and New York will also host the illustrious buy, sell and trade affair, as you can hit up Sneaker Con's website for more detailed info. Will you be attending any of the stops?

Sneaker Con Chicago (5/11/13)
5917 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660

Sneaker Con Atlanta (6/15/13)
2220 Campbellton Rd SW
Atlanta, GA 30311

Sneaker Con Miami (6/29/13)
Bank United Center
University Of Miami
1245 Dauer Drive
Miami , Fl 33146

Sneaker Con New York (7/13/13)
299 South Street
New York, NY 10022

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