Beanie Babies, Furbie, Pogs... the past few decades have witnessed some truly oddball toys. Surprisingly, a good amount of yesterday's toys would make excellent fitness equipment today because of the physical challenge they pose.  Time to hit up the parent's basement, here are 10 Toys That Would Make Excellent Fitness Tools Today.

Calvy Click is the Editor-in-Chief of Sneaker Report. When she isn't writing about performance footwear and apparel, you can find her running around Manhattan to Rick Ross anthems. 

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No. 10 - Roller Racer

"So fun at Six Flags we had to buy one for the kids at home!" Doubt that, but these do look like fun for the first few minutes. We'll give this contraption the shelf life of your parent's NordicTrack, it'll be your favorite workout of the week. For an optimal workout, engage your core by keeping your back straight while you twist.

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No. 9 - Tamagotchi

While the Tamagotchi demanded no physical movement (save constant button pushing), the most popular Christmas gift of 1997 was just the beginning of this generation's obsession with physical activity monitors. If you owned a Tamagotchi as a kid, you're probably more likely to keep track of your Fuel points with Nike or brag about your latest WillPower score with Amour39 strapped to your chest.


No. 8 - Nickelodeon Moon Boots

Before Shape-Ups or Kangoo classes at Crunch, there were Moon Boots. This Nickelodeon-fueled mini trampoline of a shoe could be a great substitute to your local rebounding class.

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No. 7 - Hackey Sack

Hackey sack might have been for nerds and hippies in high school, but busting this out at the next house party could be an excellent alternative to bacteria-ridden beer pong.

No. 6 - Super Soakers

Running away from a Super Soaker battle sounds like a lot more fun than running a 5k this Saturday.

No. 5 - Coosh Ball

Think of the Coosh ball like the precursor to the Shake Weight and jiggle your way to fitness. <!--nextpage-->bopit

No. 4 - Bop It

Run in place, hop on one foot, or do 25 crunches during your turn on the Bop It to improve reflexes and burn extra lbs.

<!--nextpage-->SkipItNo. 3 - Skip It

Harder than it looks, a little coordination goes a long way. The best part is, of course, the counter that challenges you to beat your best score every time.


No. 2 - Hula Hoop

A classic workout, the hula hoop is cheap, easy to use, and a great core workout if you clench those abs in the process. Make it count by adding weights and holding them out at arms length while you hula. <!--nextpage-->popball

No. 1 - Pogo Bal

The Pogo Bal looks incredibly difficult and a bit dangerous. Maybe it's the lack of "stick" or the amount of balance you have to have in order to land solidly every time, either way, the Pogo Ball looks like a tough combo of today's balance board and a stability ball.

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