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It's that time of year again. College Lacrosse is getting the special treatment as the final teams reach the NCAA tournament, now at the D1 level. As with any sport, brands use the sport's biggest stage to wow the fans with super custom footwear, and you can be sure you'll spot something "new" out on the field.This year, a limited number of companies are represented in the Final Four, as all teams are sponsored by either Nike or Warrior.

The University of Denver is

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Lacrosse - Warrior Burn 6.0
No. 1 - Warrior Burn 6.0
Denver will be wearing custom Burn cleats by Warrior. The only question is, will they be NEW custom cleats? You'll also see D2 Mercyhurst, D2 Le Moyne, and D3 RIT in mostly Warrior cleats.
Lacrosse - Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly
No. 2 - Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly
It's the big weekend, why not whip out the best of the best?
Lacrosse - Nike Huarache 4
No. 3 -  Nike Huarache 4
Rob Pannell of Cornell wore them last weekend. They're not even out yet!
Lacrosse - Nike Air Zoom Huarache
No. 4 -  Nike Air Zoom Huarache
For everyone else. A popular mid cleat for Nike wearing schools Syracuse, Cornell, and Duke. It's also a lacrosse specific cleat, although football players have been known to wear them as well.
Lacrosse - Warrior Adonis
No. 5 -  Warrior Adonis
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This has shown up on some MLL guys, but also on Le Moyne (NCAA D2) players.
Lacrosse - Nike Vapor Talon Elite TD
No. 6 - Nike Vapor Talon Elite TD
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An extremely popular cleat amongst lacrosse players everywhere.
Lacrosse - Nike Lunar SuperBad Pro TD
No. 7 -  Nike Lunar Super Bad Pro TD
It's a football cleat, but some of the lacrosse guys favor it.
Lacrosse - UA Highlight Cleat
No. 8 -  Under Armour Highlight Cleat
You won't see it at the D1 level, but a lot of the players on D3 Stevenson wear them.
Lacrosse - Nike CJ81 Elite
No. 9 -  Nike CJ81 Elite TD
Okay, I haven't actually seen this on anyone yet, but I'd love to this weekend.
Lacrosse - Nike Huarache Turf 
No. 10 - Nike Huarache Turf
You won't see these on the players, but you will definitely see them in the stands. Lacrosse players love a casual turf shoe.

GALLERY: A Look Back at Nike’s Jackie Robinson-Inspired Sneakers
 SPOTTED: Jeff Green Produces for Celtics in the Nike HyperAggressor

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