On April 19, 1992, David Robinson achieved an NBA milestone which illustrates just how dominant he was in every aspect of the game of basketball. He became only the third player in history to be ranked in the league's Top 10 in five stat groups. His 23.2 points per game average, 12.2 rebounds per game, 55.1% field goal percentage, 2.32 steals per game, and 4.49 blocks per game were some of the best in the league at the time. The only other players in history who have been able to cover this much ground were Larry Bird in '85-86 and Cliff Hagan in '59-60.

During this era, the Admiral was wearing one of Nike's most coveted '90s basketball models: the Nike Air Command Force. The extremely high profile model featured a built-in Air Pump for cushion and lockdown. At the time, it was tagged with a $175 box price, which made it one of the highest-priced sneakers on the market. Despite decades of thirst from eager fans, Nike has yet to retro this classic high top in its original form. 2012's Air Force 180 Mid featured similar style cues, but was lacking many of the features that made the Air Command Force special.

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