During the NBA Playoffs, there’s no such thing as flukes, and only the hungry win. LeBron gets into unstoppable beast mode, freight-training anyone who stands in his way. (Shout out to Jason Terry.) Kobe’s 4th quarter Toronto performance showcased his venomous appetite for a win. And morphing into anyone and anything, just not Thunderstruck again, KD will make sure he wins that ring. The Nike Elite 2.0 Superhero Collection celebrates the league’s best by injecting DC and Marvel superpowers into the lineup. LeBron possesses Thor’s out-of-this-world powers mixed with The Hulk’s brute force. Kobe moves with Batman’s stealth, and comes prepped with instincts stronger than Spidey senses. Kevin Durant adopts Green Lantern’s ability to create, powered by an Iron Man heart.  Let the battle for the championship begin!