With Tiger Woods finally back on top of the golfing world, it's hard to believe that the iconic player has been with Nike for the past 17 years (originally signing a five year contract with the Swoosh at 25). Wearing his latest Nike TW 13 signature model, Woods won the Arnold Palmer tournament in March and is looking good in the Masters thus far. He was recently gifted a pretty sweet pair of custom Air Force 1s for his Masters appearance, proof that the golf sensation still makes sneakerheads everywhere envious. Taking a look back, Sneaker Report remembers some of Tiger's standout Nike signature models. This is The Complete History of Tiger Woods' Signature Nike Spikes.

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<!--nextpage-->Nike Air Zoom TW 97

Nike Air Zoom TW

Release: 1997
Key Technology: Zoom Air

The original Nike Tiger Woods signature model, featuring suppler black leather and Zoom Air cushioning.  <!--nextpage-->Nike SP-7 TW Tour

Nike SP-7 TW Tour

Release: 2004
Key Technology: Zoom Air, Visible Air in heel, Water Shield Plus

The SP-7 Tour featured the T@C4 (Traction at Contact) outsole, which was designed to provide maximum grip with minimum damage to the course.<!--nextpage-->Nike SP-8 TW Tour

Nike SP-8 TW Tour

Release: 2006
Key Technology: Caged Air unit, T@C5 with Power Channel outsole

Picking up where the SP-7 left off, the SP-8 continued the weather-resistant trend with a premium full-grain leather upper and a grippy traction setup.<!--nextpage-->Nike SP-8.5 TW Tour

Nike SP-8.5 TW Tour

Release: 2008
Key Technology: Caged Air unit, T@C5, Carbon Fiber support

The SP-8.5 carried over many of the same traits as the SP-8, but the upper was redesigned for comfort and flexibility.<!--nextpage-->Nike Zoom TW 2009

Nike Air Zoom TW 2009

Release: 2009
Key Technology: Zoom Air, Ballistic mesh

Returning to the Air Zoom TW line, this update featured a ballistic mesh and full grain leather upper.

Nike Zoom TW 2011

Nike Air Zoom TW 

Release: 2010/2011
Key Technology: Zoom Air, Lateral Stabilizer

Featuring Scorpion Stinger Spikes and a Q-Lok traction system, this version of the Air Zoom TW was one of the most advanced yet.<!--nextpage-->Nike Zoom TW 2012

Nike Air Zoom TW 2012

Release: 2012
Key Technology: Zoom Air, Flywire

The Zoom TW 2012 saw the addition of Nike's popular Flywire technology for upper stability. <!--nextpage-->Nike TW 13

Nike TW 13

Release: 2012
Key Technology: Free-inspired outsole, Dynamic Fit system

The latest and greatest Nike Tiger sig, the TW 13 features a flexible Free-inspired outsole and a waterproof multi-stretch synthetic upper. Pick them up today for $180.<!--nextpage-->TW-Limited-

Nike TW 13 Limited Edition

Release: 2013
Key Technology: Free-inspired outsole, Dynamic Fit system

To celebrate Tiger's return to No. 1, Nike rolled out a special edition of the Nike TW 13. Made available March 28, the Limited Edition went for $180.