It's not so much the depth of adidas' history that is so daunting to delve into - after all, Adi Dassler and his brother Rudi had been creating athletic shoes for over two decades before Adi officially founded adidas in 1948 - but the breadth. Seemingly every year from the '60s onward, adidas turned out literally dozens of groundbreaking styles, conceiving the "all-around" training shoe and revolutionizing running via their ZX and EQT lines. And despite being THE sneaker brand for decades, they weren't afraid to experiment - which led to countless firsts (along with several dead ends). Narrowing it down wasn't easy, but here's The 100 Best adidas Sneakers of All Time. Let us know what you think via the comments or @ComplexSneakers.

Extra props to Adam Leaventon, Gary Warnett, and DJ EMZ for their contributions and suggestions.

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