Despite what you see on Twitter and the horrors of recent violence, the good people do out number the bad in this world. Nike has stepped up to help out a Denver family who recently went through quite a tragedy. Jimica Perea lost her husband, Hondo Morales, not long ago and he was quite the sneakerhead. One of his favorite things was scooping up matching kicks for he and his kids. Sadly, someone broke into their family vehicle and stole his Jordans, which were being saved to pass along to his son when he could fit them. Jimica Perea asked for help in finding the shoes or replacing them and Nike hooked it up with four pair of Air Jordan Spiz'ikes from NIKEiD. Each one features Hondo's initials on the iD and "RIP Dad" on the lace tags. Perea says she hopes her kids grow to play high school sports and can wear them proudly when the time comes. Props to Nike for looking out.