A 6-foot-5 shooting guard from Desoto, Texas, Jones is one of the purest jump shooters in the nation. He hit two three-pointers en route to 14 points in the Jordan Brand Classic, which tied him for fourth highest in the game. Ranked fifth at his position by ESPN, Jones will follow in the lineage of past Duke marksmen such as Trajan Langdon and J.J. Redick. 

Favorite Air Jordan: Air Jordan XI "Concord"

Are you excited about taking the next step?

I’m very excited about going to Duke. Just playing for Coach K, and feeling the vibe that Durham has to offer, I’m excited. All the players that have played in the Duke-Carolina game – of course, that includes Michael Jordan, one of the greatest that ever played – so I’m definitely excited to be able to say I played in that rivalry.

How does it feel to play in a game with Jordan’s name attached?

It’s great. Just great. I just feel so blessed and grateful to be here, and to be hand-picked by Michael himself to play in a game that he sponsors and has his name on. I definitely feel grateful and blessed to be here.

You’re not old enough to have really watched him play with the Bulls. Have you gone back and studied his game at all?

Sometimes, I just go and look at highlights and see some of the things he did back then, and I still have a lot to learn. But what I’ve seen from him, I’ve just been amazed at how great he was.

What would you ask if you got to talk with him?

I wouldn’t know. (Laughs) I’d try to collect myself, but at the same, I’d be too excited to even spit words out.